Superior Taste Award 2022

Superior Taste Award 2022
Ega water has been awarded the Superior Taste Award 2022 - the highest honor coveted and desired by every Food & Beverage entrepreneur. The award is given by the International Taste Institute, an institute founded in 2005 with based in Brussels, Belgium, which evaluates and certifies the taste of food and beverages from around the world.  

The award is given by the jury of the International Taste Institute, composed of 198 renowned Chefs and Sommeliers from around the world, and carefully evaluates certain aspects of the product under consideration. An objective sensory evaluation is carried out: the jury follows a strict
blind methodology in which product samples are anonymized to avoid scoring bias.

The certification is awarded to products that meet or exceed the expectations of the Chefs and Sommeliers (the tasting score must be above 70 percent). The criteria for evaluation of the Superior Taste Award are the appearance, smell, taste, and aftertaste of the product.

Ega water achieved a tasting score of 92.6 percent with the still mineral water, an outstanding result that confirms the excellent quality of our Water!

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Click on "download certification" to see the ratings obtained by Ega water regarding the aspects examined, an explanation of the evaluation criteria and the composition of the jury.
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The quality of Ega Scotoni water is acknowledged and awarded!

The quality of Ega Scotoni water is acknowledged and awarded!
The prestigious Acque Minerali Academy Association has awarded Acqua Ega Scotoni the official quality certification, recognized internationally.

The Acque Minerali Academy Association is a non-profit that promotes the culture of the purest mineral waters both in Italy and abroad. Its mission is to protect the highest quality of water.

We are really proud of this acknowledgement, which confirms the quality and preciousness of our Ega Scotoni water.

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