Elixir of well-beingClear, sweet fresh water where she, the only one who seemed woman to me, rested her beautiful limbs.
F. Petrarca

Elixir of well-being

Well-being of the body

Water is the most precious natural element for the best functioning of our body and for our psycho-physical balance and well-being. Our body is made up of an average of 70% water, a fundamental percentage for our health and for carrying out our daily activities: for this reason it is essential to regularly drink water and quench the thirst of all the cells in our body. 

Water has many benefits, including:
  • It regulates body temperature
  • It purifies the blood, membranes, intestines
  • It facilitates digestive processes and the assimilation of important nutrients
  • It lubricates the tissues
  • It quench and makes the cells breathe: cells that breathe are healthy cells
  • It promotes diuresis through which toxins are eliminated.

Ega water, as alkaline living water, is also able to alkalise the system, to cleanse from incrustations and to eliminate unwanted chemicals and inorganic minerals.
Give your body health and well-being
Ask for Ega water
Living alkaline water is able to neutralize free radicals, cleanse the body and dissolve fat deposits. Alkaline water provides energy to the body, it allows to acquire more strength and longevity.

In addition, maintaining an alkaline environment within our body allows to prevent the proliferation of parasites of various kinds, especially tumour masses. 

Pure alkaline water is rich in mineral salts and vitamin metals necessary for our physical strength and general well-being and physical health. 

Finally, Ega water is the ideal ally when it comes to beauty: its purity gives radiant skin and hair, its fluidity and low sodium level reduce roundness due to water retention and fight cellulite.

Well-being of the mind

The constant and long-lasting assimilation of alkaline, living, pure water over time improves our psychic and mental state.

Over time drinking alkaline water like Ega Water improves our psychic-emotional stability, it increases our ability to concentrate, it reduces the sense of fatigue and stress, as well as it helps us to fight depression and anxiety.


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