Water is life, and clean water means health.
Audrey Hepburn

Life Ritual

The water cycle: between earth, sky and man

The water cycle: between earth, sky and man
Water is the most important energy on earth: it gives life to all living things. Just like life, water never stops and is constantly renewed, inside and out. 

Water is the connection between earth and sky, in its life cycle it is constantly renewed: from steam on earth that goes up to the sky, it floats in the sky in the form of a cloud and returns to the earth in the form of rainwater.

Thus there is a water cycle also within our human body: water is an important vehicle for all nutrients and all waste to be expelled. 

Water transfers to every cell, tissue and organ of our body the nutritional properties it needs: amino acids, glucose, minerals, as well as it transports proteins into the blood and lymphatic systems, dissolving fat substances. 

Water, in addition to nutrition, plays the important role of cleaning the body, eliminating through the kidneys the small molecules of nitrogen and derivatives that are generated during the protein metabolism and that, if not expelled, can lead to toxic reactions within the body. 

Not only that, water also acts as a lubricant and cushion for the joints, as a lubricant for the respiratory and digestive tract and for all tissues that need to be moistened with mucus.

Another indispensable function of water is its ability to maintain a stable body temperature.
Sweat, which is the transformation of water by our body, acts as a coolant and contributes to energy metabolism. In fact, water is converted into steam, which our skin secretes with the body heat as sweat. Like sweat, the water evaporates and dissipates heat energy, causing the skin and blood to cool and balance the body temperature. 

The cycle of water in the human body, from input in one form to removal in other forms, lasts 28-29 days... The time of the biochemical exchange of water in our body corresponds to the cycle of the Moon.

This is why water is the element that connects man, earth and sky in harmony. 



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