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A taste of well-beingA taste of well-being
Those who love to live a quality life consciously feed themselves. Among the most important foods, water is certainly the first vital source, the element that provides energy and regenerates every component of the body and spirit. Pure and quality water must be our first choice of healthy and conscious nutrition.

Ega water is a rare and pure water that flows from the highest spring in Europe, at 2,148 meters above sea level, in unique and indomitable beauty, surrounded by the peaks of the Dolomites, in Alta Val Badia.

Ega water lies under a layer of permafrost, which guarantees a constant temperature of 2.4°, all year round, thus providing for its optimal freshness and purity able to preserve an alkaline pH 8.11 and excellent mineral features beneficial for the body.

Its limited spring makes Ega water a rare and precious good, worthy for those who know how to appreciate its harmonious features and live a taste experience at the limits of the ethereal.

Ega water is in fact for those who make quality of life their priority, for those who choose to adopt a conscious lifestyle, able to combine pleasure and vitality. 


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