My origin

The water of the Dolomites

The water  of the Dolomites
The source which Ega water flows from is the highest in Europe, at an altitude of 2,160 meters above sea level: a priceless gift to offer the freshness, purity and beneficial properties for our body. 

Alta Badia is the territory which Ega water comes from, framed by the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

For this reason Ega water is for excellence the water of the Dolomites. 

Discover the territory of Ega.
My origin
Walking through the territory where Ega comes from, San Cassiano in Alta Val Badia, it seems to be a path of discovery of our soul. A path shrouded in the majesty of nature, which leads to the beautiful Scotoni refuge and it opens onto the peaceful and idyllic Lagazuoi Lake, which bears the name of Mount Lagazuoi, the scene of important battles during the First World War.

Alta Badia, one of the most beautiful lands in South Tyrol, is characterized by a setting of imposing peaks, unspoilt nature and characteristic villages. The fullness and beauty of nature leaves room for the inventiveness of every sport that can be practised in the mountains: from cross-country skiing and ski mountaineering in winter, to long walks, golf, mountain biking and much more during the warmer seasons. 

Sport and nature at will which, together with the refreshing and pure Ega water, are the perfect combination for an uncompromising physical and mental well-being. 

Alta Badia is also the cradle of Ladin traditions, their folklore and cuisine, their friendly hospitality. 
Sipping a glass of Ega water you will breathe the freshness and scents of an ethereal beauty.


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