... Praised be You, my Lord, through Sister Water, which is very useful and humble and precious and chaste.
(Canticle of the Creatures, St. Francis)

Recycle me

Ega water is protected by a glass bottle, which is a fully recyclable material. Not only that, the choice of glass and the design with which the bottle was designed enhances the value of the product and makes it an object that can have a new life as a design object.

The Ega water bottle can in fact be reused to create original furnishing accessories in environments or for practical uses for your garden. 

What features of the bottle can you exploit?
  • it is transparent: you can use it for everything that requires a passage of light
  • it is resistant: its hardness allows you to hold or contain other products, as well as it resists weathering and lends itself very well to being outdoors
  • it is fireproof: it does not spoil with heat or fire, so it is ideal for holding candles

Here are some suggestions for creative reuse of Ega water bottles:
  • Flower Vase: the elegance of the Ega water bottle is perfect to keep beautiful flowers and fill your rooms with scent and colour. 
  • Wall floral decoration: by creating a wooden base, it is possible to hang Ega water bottles to make nice hanging vases. 
  • Table Lamp: it is possible to recreate an original table lamp quickly and easily. Simply drill a hole in the body of the bottle, using a glass tip, and insert a string of lights (the same lights used to light the Christmas tree). The bottle of Ega water will be a beautiful casket of light, and its shine will increase the magical and relaxing atmosphere in the room. In addition, its brightness will enhance the clouds and the bottom in the shape of Dolomites peaks ... a guarantee of a truly amazing effect!
  • Candlestick holder: on the table or on a piece of furniture, the Ega water bottle will bring out the warmth in the room with scented candles set in the bottleneck.
  • Food holder: the Ega water bottle is suitable for containing many foods and other drinks. For example, it is perfect for storing small legumes (such as lentils and dried peas), or cereals (such as rice and couscous) or flours, or other drinks to be stored in the fridge (milk, tea infusions). With the aluminium capsule, freshness is guaranteed!
  • Sand Landscapes: use the Ega water bottle to create original and fun design objects, taking advantage of the beauty of coloured sands inside to create landscapes and patterns in transparency.
  • Other furnishing complements: if you are familiar with decoration and decoupage, you can transform the Ega water bottle into a furnishing object and create original and personalized gifts for friends and family. 
  • Wall torch: the Ega water bottle can hold oil lamps and can be mounted on the wall in the courtyard outside the house, to recreate a suggestive atmosphere in an economic and zero impact way. It is simply necessary to get some benzene and a fuse, made especially for the torches. 
  • Borders in the garden or in the vegetable garden: thanks to the thick glass, a series of Ega water bottles can also be used to create borders for the flowerbeds in the garden or in the vegetable garden to separate the various vegetables. Just put the bottles in the ground upside down.


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