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A story as good as water

Acqua Ega Scotoni owes its name to the Scotoni Refuge, located a few steps from the spring - at 1985 m, in a beautiful natural setting in the Dolomites, in Alta Badia.

For over 50 years Rifugio Scotoni has been managed by the Agreiter family, who run it with care and passion, just as they are responsible for the care of the Ega water source.

The Agreiter family makes the protection of nature, its resources and the well-being of the person its philosophy of life and work. 

Rifugio Scotoni is a window on the indomitable beauty of nature, which is painted with the colours of the immensity of the mountains of the Dolomites, whose peaks seem to touch the sky. 

And this is Ega water as well: an exciting look at the power of Mother Nature, a sip of purity and vitality, a breath of fresh and invigorating air.
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The Ladin culture: hospitality and versatility

"Bun dé, bëgnodüs", two Ladin words to greet, to welcome. The Ladin culture, which dominates Val Badia, is historically recognized for its authentic welcome to tourists and people from all over the Alps. In fact, Ladins were always very open to people around them, succeeding in the second half of the 19th century in solidifying their economy in the tourism sector.
The Ladin culture, despite having its own deep-rooted identity and its own language, enjoys the linguistic diversity of its population, a key factor of integration and welcome.
The taste for typical dishes and the traditional attachment to the value of the connection between man and landscape, which is also evident in the typical Ladin architecture, make Val Badia a significant place for a memorable cultural and folkloric experience.
But even more, the immense Dolomiti Superski area with its wide variety of highly scenic and exciting slopes, such as the red "Armentarola" that slides down from Lagazuoi, guarantee visitors to live wonderful days of sport and well-being at 360 °.
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The Great War

Admiring today this enchanting scenery of great peace and harmony, it is not easy to imagine that in the years 1915-18 it was the stage of fierce fighting. The Dolomite front during the First World War crossed a few kilometres from here - on Mount Lagazuoi, where you can still see the remains of Austrian barracks and trenches. Near the Scotoni Refuge, instead, a beautiful little wooden church stands out, built to commemorate the fallen, who had to fight not only against the enemy, but also against the extreme conditions of the high mountains. The Dolomites did not fail to regularly prove who was the real master around here, burying both Italians and Austrians under landslides and avalanches.
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Turn of the Great War

The memory of the places of the First World War is also alive in the ski itineraries. This is, of course, the Great War Tour, which runs along the slopes of Alta Badia, Arabba, Civetta and Cortina d'Ampezzo, creating a magnificent loop tour around Col di Lana, also known as Col di Sangue. The itinerary is clockwise and anticlockwise. The Scotoni Refuge can be reached counterclockwise, on the stretch between Cortina d'Ampezzo and Alta Badia, along the splendid "Armentarola" slope. At the bottom of the slope a team of horses will wait for the skiers to tow them to the Armentarola ski lift, the gateway to the Alta Badia ski area. More than 80 km long, the Great War Tour does not, however, forgive many distractions. To complete it takes 7-8 hours without stopping. Therefore, it is always advisable to leave early in the morning, in order to have a lunch at the Scotoni Refuge without too much haste!


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